Grace Magill Memorial Project

Donate to the Grace Magill Project and Help Youth in Crisis

In 2005, Anne and Jim Magill founded the Grace Magill Project, named after their daughter Grace who died of suicide in January of that year. For more than a decade, the Grace Magill Project has supported Edgewood Center for Children and Families' work to promote adolescent well-being in Grace's memory.

In an interview with a reporter from St. Ignatius College Prepatory for an upcoming article in the alumni publication Genesis, Edgewood's former Chief Executive Officer, Nancy Rubin, explained the importance of the Grace Magill Project to the thousands of youth the Center helps each year.

“Edgewood has historically seen kids from high-needs families and neighborhoods — often foster care children who are struggling with mental health issues,” said Nancy Rubin. “In the past five years, we have expanded our scope to include children from all social and economic backgrounds including teens like Grace who could benefit from the project’s efforts."

Today, the Grace Magill Project helps youth who are struggling by providing them with family friendly, strengths-based, and comprehensive services. As a part of Edgewood's Acute Intensive Services on its San Francisco campus, youth are offered the support they need when facing emotional crisis so they are able to heal and return home.