Past Events

34th Annual Across the Bay

The 34th annual Across the Bay 12k and 415k took place on Sunday, July 9th, 2017 in San Francisco’s Aquatic Park. The race, benefitting Edgewood Center for Children and Families, saw tremendous support in the community. This run brought together such commitment and passion from the community, Edgewood staff, and even youth and families who laced up their running shoes and participated. We even had the pleasure of meeting Vivian Olernshaw and Rolayne Mattsson, two women who have run this race every year since its very beginning in 1983!

Across the Bay 2017 By the Numbers

  • 5,000 registered runners
  • 70 Edgewood runners
  • 20 Edgewood kids and 50 adults ran for Team Edgewood
  • 300+ logged miles run for training
  • And $11,000 raised for Edgewood

We would like to extend a big thank you to the runners, staffers, and volunteers that helped make this event possible. A special thanks to Represent Running for producing this event, Nature’s Bakery for their ongoing support of our mission, as well as to all the Edgewood staff, the board of directors, and Auxiliary who have worked so hard to make Across the Bay happen.

Watch a slideshow of pictures from the day! Just click below or here.


Male – 12k

  1. Max Pedrotti – 00:40:49
  2. Jaime Heilpern – 00:41:50
  3. Fivos Constantinou – 00:42:07

Female – 12k

  1. Erin Hagan – 00:48:19
  2. Lyndsey Ciabattari – 00:48:49
  3. Elva Guttormsen – 00:49:34

Male – 5k

  1. Stefan Batory – 00:20:18
  2. Warren Macphail – 00:20:47
  3. Suvan Kumar – 00:21:10

Female – 5k

  1. Ekaterina Hardin – 00:22:27
  2. Mary Christopher – 00:22:28
  3. Junaline Gines – 00:24:04

For full race results, click here!