Stories of Hope


Hiding beneath a heavy black sweatshirt, the hood pulled tightly over her head, Ana arrived for her first day at Edgewood Non-Public School. At just 15 years old, she seemed lost....

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Sean was eight years old when his aunt started bringing him for treatment at Edgewood San Mateo Child and Family Treatment Collaborative, a program providing mental health services to help children and families develop skills that support a healthy home. Edgewood transformed Sean’s life by giving him back the family…...

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At the age of 71, Sharon reached out to share her story of her residence at Edgewood from 1945-1951 and how the impact of her stay led to a lifelong passion for working in social service....

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Mavis Martin was a proud mother of three grown daughters. But her youngest, *Tonya, suffered from severe schizophrenia that would change Mavis' life forever. ...

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