Stories of Hope


Carlos was a good 10-year-old boy who could not handle his anger. Abused as a toddler, Carlos became angry or frustrated, he began huffing and puffing and went into a kind of anger trance. Frustrated and unable to help him, his teachers called on Edgewood Behavior Coach David Mulig to…...

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Hiding beneath a heavy black sweatshirt, the hood pulled tightly over her head, Ana arrived for her first day at Edgewood Non-Public School. At just 15 years old, she seemed lost....

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Having worked at Edgewood for 13 years, Eddie has seen 13 holiday seasons, which is a really special time at Edgewood. So many of the Edgewood children and families have never had the full holiday experience, so when he saw the kids open their gifts, it was something really special.…...

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