Unity Care’s COVID-19 BLACK

This is an influential video on Covid-19 Black, a health initiative aimed at reducing the spread of Covid-19 and improving overall health in the Black and African Ancestry community.  Developed by our colleagues at Unity Care, it includes powerful insights from the leaders of the San Francisco Foundation and Silicon Valley…...

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Edgewood CEO Lynn Dolce’s Interview with France24

France24 invited Edgewood's CEO Lynn Dolce on the nightly news to have a conversation about how COVID-19 is affecting the youth mental health. Full interview available....

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Coping with Loss During the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Jonathan Borowiec Behavior Support Specialist and Marriage & Family Therapist Trainee Turning Point, Edgewood Center for Children and Families With Covid-19 still prevalent in our society, ongoing fires raging throughout parts of California, and so many other significant life changes occurring, we are all impacted and are forced to deal…...

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Edgewood’s Medical Director Wins Prestigious Award from UCSF

Edgewood’s Medical Director Dr. Robin Randall, MD, MPH, has been awarded the distinguished J. Elliot Royer Award for Excellence in Community Psychiatry from the University of California San Francisco. Dr. Randall has been Medical Director at Edgewood for over 20 years, and is also the current Medical Director of SF…...

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