What is this?

The Child and Family Treatment Collaborative works with children and families affiliated with Child Protective Services (CPS) who need additional resources to succeed in their treatment plan. We serve families referred to therapy as part of their service plan with CPS. Edgewood works with you to heal the trauma of abuse and neglect. We strive to support parent and caregiver efforts to improve parenting skills and create a loving, successful family.

Edgewood first started the Collaborative in 2005 through a partnership with the Behavioral Health and Recovery Services Department of San Mateo County.

What services do you offer?

The Collaborative provides children and their families with comprehensive mental health assessments, individual and family therapy, case management, and psychiatric assessments and medication support. Parents can also engage in peer support groups to discuss their needs, and concerns around parenting.

Who is this for?

The Child and Family Treatment Collaborative is intended for youth of all ages and their families in San Francisco and San Mateo counties. Participants should have some contact with Child Protective Services and be seeking out therapy as part of their service plan.

More Information

To learn more about the Child and Family Treatment Collaborative, call us at (650) 832-6900.