Stories of Hope


Maran (name changed) was nine years old and an insulin-dependent diabetic when she was brought to Edgewood after San Francisco police received reports that she and her foster sister were dumpster-diving behind restaurants. She had lived in over 15 foster homes and her medical history included multiple hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and zero family involvement. Edgewood is the only residential treatment program with on-site nursing 12-hours per day and on-call doctors after hours, which allowed Maran the chance to finally manage her health with the assistance of consistent, quality care.

Maran soon found stability and safety in her new home, Edgewood’s Stow Cottage. Although she was healing from years of insecurity and chaos, there was still something missing – her medical records. Like many foster children, Maran’s records were scattered throughout the various counties in which she had been treated. It was clear to Edgewood nurses that she had never established a trusting relationship with a doctor, a crucial thing for someone battling chronic illness. Edgewood’s unique connection to UCSF meant that Maran was able to become a patient at the world-renowned endocrine clinic. With the support of her doctor, nursing staff, and her Stow Cottage staff, she slowly worked on managing her diabetes independently.

Maran’s new-found confidence and improved health made her a star on a campus. She knew all the staff by first name and would even stop by the nursing office in-between insulin appointments to chat about the boys that she had crushes on, what she was learning in school, and the new book she was reading. Her clinician was so impressed with how well she was managing chronic illness that he began to seek out family with whom Maran could connect. A former foster family was located and they agreed to re-establish the relationship. Outings and weekend overnights commenced and the couple couldn’t believe the progress that the once difficult Maran had made. The nursing staff educated the couple about the nuances of childhood diabetes and what began as a casual relationship led to a formalized relationship. The three were able to successfully create a family. Maran left Edgewood with a family, stability and her health transformed.


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