Peak Connection Podcast: Interview with Chief Program Officer Justine Underhill

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We want to send a huge thank you to the Peak Connections podcast for recently interviewing our Chief Programs Officer, Justine Underhill, EDM, LCSW. Thank you Lindsey Douros for such an engaging conversation! 


Episode 037 “Covid Weight Gain Doesn’t Matter—Mental Health Does” 

Guest: Justine Underhill, EDM, LCSW

Episode Description:
Like many things during Covid, maintaining regular diet and exercise became increasingly difficult and most of us picked up a sourdough-making habit along the way–consequently we gained a few pounds. And while we survived a global pandemic, working from home (sometimes while simultaneously running Zoom school), we’ve forgotten all of the hard things we overcame and have instead decided to focus in on “The Covid-15.” On this episode, Justine Underhill, Chief Program Officer for Edgewood Center for Children and Families, discusses why disordered eating is on the rise post-pandemic, how we can choose to shift perspectives individually and culturally, and how we can better support each other along the way.

“Be a critical thinker of your own thoughts and beliefs, and take a look at the fact that you did just survive a global pandemic. You may have protected your family from getting sick. You may have experienced and survived the loss of loved ones in your family. You may have worked from home while parenting your kids. I mean, whatever you went through, take a look at that part, and see if you can appreciate the fact that your body took you through that. …is the fact that I gained 15 pounds while doing that quite at the top of the list of importance?” — Justine Underhill EDM, LCSW

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Blaise Douros