Supporting Youth In School Through Innovative Programming

Edgewood has provided early intervention, prevention, behavioral health, and capacity-building services in public and non-public school systems since 1986.

Our Approach

Edgewood works with young people and their communities to make classrooms and schools a safe, fun, and supportive environment for everyone. We’re able to do this by offering prevention, early intervention, and behavior coaching for younger youth, training and climate consultation for teachers and education providers, and family support services for parents and guardians. Our focus on in-classroom support, individual and small group work, and whole-class social-emotional learning help youth develop social skills, while also helping teachers and school staff provide students with the assistance they need.

We have been one of the largest community-based providers of school-based services in the area, offering a continuum of support to students, families, and staff in over 40 schools in San Francisco and San Mateo since starting this work in 1986.

To find out more about our school-based services, please contact:

Jonathan Weinstock, Program Manager

Robin Acker, Director of Behavioral Health Services

Erika Jennings, Behavioral Health Director, San Mateo