foster care


Star came to Edgewood Center for Children and Families to escape domestic abuse. Her family cared for her but struggled to find the appropriate tools to handle Star’s unique challenges with self-esteem and aggressive behavior....

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Melissa's story is the one we all want to tell, the story we all want to believe is possible for every youth and child we serve: that the child will grow through the pain and trauma to become a happy young adult who shares their many gifts and talents with…...

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At the age of 71, Sharon reached out to share her story of her residence at Edgewood from 1945-1951 and how the impact of her stay led to a lifelong passion for working in social service....

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Maran (name changed) was nine years old and an insulin-dependent diabetic when she was brought to Edgewood after San Francisco police received reports that she and her foster sister were dumpster-diving behind restaurants. She had lived in over 15 foster homes and her medical history included multiple hospitalizations, emergency room…...

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