Jenny had been living with her grandparents for two months when they realized they were in over their heads.She struggled with bulimia, self harm, and failing grades and was unable to communicate the loss and anxiety leading to these destructive behaviors.  Through Edgewood, Jenny and her grandparents were able to…...

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Julia is the 67-year-old grandmother of Max, aged four. Over the past five years, Julia has watched helplessly as her daughter, Linda descended further and further into a world of drug addiction, failed relationships, domestic violence, and joblessness. Linda’s last boyfriend was recently arrested for assault. Instead of using his arrest…...

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Having worked at Edgewood for 13 years, Eddie has seen 13 holiday seasons, which is a really special time at Edgewood. So many of the Edgewood children and families have never had the full holiday experience, so when he saw the kids open their gifts, it was something really special.…...

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