Director of TBS & Outpatient
Community Services

Angela Buelow

Afro-Latino girl from Bogot√° Colombia, 5 to 8 years old, looking at the camera in a portrait with a sad and lonely face due to everything that is happening in the face of the pandemic

Please note that this program can only take referrals for clients who have full scope Medi-Cal.

What is this program?

Edgewood’s Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) program focuses on helping children with behavioral health problems while emphasizing their strengths. The escalation of behavioral or mental health issues can leave young people at risk for hospitalization, trauma, or the loss of their home placement. We teach youth the coping skills, self-esteem, and empathy they need to succeed and serve as a high-functioning member of their community.

What Services Do You Offer?

Our Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) program is focused on correcting and improving behavioral and mental health issues. Young people are often referred to us because they display disruptive or harmful behaviors that their family, guardians, and peers cannot address. The program is relatively short but also intensive, lasting between six to nine months of around four hours of services each week.

To reduce and eliminate destructive behaviors, our staff coach youth in how to manage, cope, and engage with their emotions. Services are provided in home, where staff and behavioral coaches can work in an environment that is comfortable for the youth.

Our services are specific to each individual child. Our staff are highly trained in developing tools and skills for each youth. Youth also learn how to ask their caretakers and community for support.

Who is this For?

We serve individuals in San Francisco county and provide support to caregivers in creating and implementing individual plans for their children. Children ages 3 to 21 can be referred for Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) by their therapist.