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What Is This Program?

Edgewood’s Turning Point (Full Service Partnership) works with youth and their families who are in, exiting, or at risk of entering various community systems, including:

  • juvenile justice
  • special education
  • county mental health
  • residential group homes
  • foster care
  • psychiatric emergency care

Our Full Service Partnership contract was granted in 2005 by San Mateo County. We provide services to help clients stabilize and maintain current placements, while offering comprehensive mental health services.

Edgewood is the only provider of in-county FSP services for youth and emerging adults in San Mateo County.

What Services do you Offer?

Edgewood’s Full Service Partnership works with children, youth, and emerging adults as well as their families to provide services including:

  • case management
  • individual and family therapy
  • psychiatric assessments and medication support
  • peer support for youth and parents
  • therapeutic after school programming
  • 24/7 crisis support
  • housing support
  • independent living skills development

These services ensure that youth are successful in their transition from higher levels of care back into the community. Additionally, the program operates a Drop-In Center in San Bruno for all emerging adults between the ages of 18 to 25 in San Mateo County.

Who is this for?

The Full Service Partnership helps youth who are exiting or at risk of entering out of home placements (like juvenile hall, special education, foster care, and psychiatric emergency) stabilize and maintain their current placement, and avoid these more intensive levels of care facilities.

More Information

To learn more about the Full Service Partnership and determine if it’s right for you, please contact us at 650-832-6900.