Supporting Edgewood’s Work for over 50 years

Founded in 1948, the Edgewood Auxiliary raises funds and awareness for Edgewood Center for Children and Families. Since 1967, Auxiliary members have staged the Edgewood fair. Over the years, this sophisticated fundraising party and shopping extravaganza has raised more than $8 million to support Edgewood’s work.

Today, Auxiliary members continue to be a vital part of the Edgewood family by volunteering on campus, leveraging philanthropic donations, and building community awareness for our organization.

The 55th Annual Edgewood Fair

Stay tuned for details regarding the 55th Edgewood Fair taking place in 2021. Sponsorship opportunities will be available in the fall of 2020.


About The Edgewood Fair

The Edgewood Fair began on May 3, 1967. But the founders organized this ambitious event nearly a year before.

“We want to offer fairgoers diverse items and ideas to bring added beauty to their homes and gardens,” Auxiliary President Nancy Maushardt wrote. “All the proceeds will benefit the children of Edgewood.”

We’ve kept this vision consistent through four decades of social and cultural change and have maintained many of the same elements from the very first fair. Members of the Auxiliary continue to oversee the production of the Fair, from invitations to advertising. Edgewood’s children participate by growing flowers in container gardens, building bird feeders, and painting pictures to be displayed at the Fair.

The first Fair netted $5,000 and was such a success that the Auxiliary immediately began to plan the first of its many encores. In the ’70s, the Fair introduced the Country Kitchen featuring the Auxiliary’s homemade mustards, chutneys, and sauces. The ’80s brought the inclusion of exhibitors offering goods ranging from jewelry to artwork.

Demetra Bowles, 1990 Fair Chair, summed it up best when she said “I learned that the magic begins to be created the day after last year’s fair, and that the magic is in each one of us who contributes from her heart and helps sponsor the community of Edgewood children.”

Find out more!

If you’re interested in becoming an Auxiliary Member, please email Jamie Lee Taylor Cassell or Melissa McKenzie.

Leadership and Members for 2020-2021


Alston Calabrese & Bailey Flynn

Vice Presidents, Fundraising

Leslie Tonsing & Courtney Welch

Vice Presidents, Membership

Jamie Lee Taylor Cassell and Melissa McKenzie

Sponsorship Chairs

Melissa Ippolito & Pamela Hamrick


Eu-jeania Hwang & Meredith Valentine


Lauren McDowell and Michelle Hanna

Volunteer Coordinators

Mimi Kuehn & Eva Vaz

Presidents Emeritae

Jenny Moore & Melissa Reyna


Claire Bayles Sara Hirsch
Vanessa Boehm Whitney Hudak
Shelby Bradley Jenn Kurrie
Caroline Brinckerhoff Myka Keil
Andrea Bruno Cathryn Lyman
Carrie Cooper Gina Lytle
Danielle Creech Emily Millman
Martha Noel Cuevas Alexis Nordby
Elizabeth Dooley Kristin Pech
Molly Hanks Doyle Susie Hall Sawyer
Emily Dunlop Emily Schell
Kelly Dwinells Noa Schult
Allison Eisenhardt Lindsay Scollin
Amy Evans Joanna Seelbach
Priya Femmer Vanessa I. Snyder
Erin Flynn Kristin Hagan Sprincin
Allison Broude Frieberg Kat Stark
Alison Gathright Robyn Swift
Amity Gay Nevena Vujic
Victoria Richardson Gray Courtney Welch
Courtney Halip Gwennie Wittlinger
Michelle Harris Jennifer Zelnick