Supporting Edgewood’s Work for over 50 years

Founded in 1948, the Edgewood Auxiliary raises much needed funds and awareness for the work being done at Edgewood Center for Children and Families. Since 1967, Auxiliary members have staged the Edgewood fair. Over the years, this sophisticated fundraising party and shopping extravaganza has raised more than $8 million to support Edgewood’s work.

Today, Edgewood Auxiliary members continue to be a vital part of the Edgewood family by volunteering on campus, leveraging philanthropic donations, and building community awareness for our organization. The 57th Edgewood Fair was held on March 30 and 31, 2023, thank you to all our generous supporters! Learn more about this exciting annual event, including information regarding our upcoming 58th Edgewood Fair taking place in March 7 & 8, 2024!

Auxiliary Leadership and Membership

Auxiliary Leadership Presidents

Pamela Hamrick & Kristin Pech

Vice Presidents, Fundraising (Fair Chair)

Jamie Lee Taylor Cassel & Lily Bowles Leo

Vice Presidents, Membership & Nominating

Jenn Kurrie

Sponsorship Chairs

Jennifer Alford & Chrissy Edwards

Exhibitor Chairs

Eva Vaz & Maja Kollman

President Emeritus

Michelle Harris

Auxiliary Members

Jennifer Alford Pamela Hamrick Helen Ortiz
Christina Clark Bloodgood Michelle Harris Nicole Pace
Shelby McKinley Bradley Jessica Hewson Kristin Pech
Jamie Lee Taylor Cassell Allison Homs Stacey Poole
Katie M Colendich Jennifer Johnston Susie Hall Sawyer
Kate Connolly Myka Keil Phoebe Schreiber
Carrie Cooper Maja Kollmann Kristin Sprincin
Caroline Curzon Mimi Kuehn Kat Stark
Allison Danzig Jenn Kurrie Erica Teiger
Nev Dowdney Kate Larsen Chrissy Towle
Christina D. Edwards Lily Bowles Leo Eva Vaz
Amy Evans Gina Lytle Ashi Waliany
Priya Femmer Mary McCall Caroline Weaver
Erin Morrison Flynn Melissa McKenzie Miriam Zelinsky
Whitney Gough Amy Morgan
Victoria Gray Michelle Mukherjee

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View The 2021 Edgewood Fair Video: 55th Edgewood Fair

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