Our goal is that, with appropriate structure, coaching, skill building, and support, these children and youth will be able to return to a home, community, and school setting.


Director of Admissions
Michael Clumeck


Insurance & Payment Options

  • Intake Team

Contracted Program/Facility

  • Anthem/Blue Cross
  • Cigna Behavioral Health
  • Healthnet/
    Managed Health Network
  • Kaiser Permanente


Caring mother hugging, comforting depressed upset teenage daughter, stressed unhappy teenager girl wearing hood sitting on bed, thinking about problems, feeling lonely and misunderstood

What is This program?

Edgewood’s Residential Treatment Program provides behavioral stabilization and permanency services to youth ages 12-17. The focus of treatment is to engage youth and families to build skills to manage challenging behaviors, restore permanent family connections, and strengthen community ties through a continuum of interventions provided by Edgewood and its partners. Treatment is focused on behavioral stabilization and skill development with the understanding that all interventions, activities, and supports must be transferable to the home and community setting.

Our treatment program consists of three main components:

  • Assessment, Residential Treatment, Permanency & Aftercare

What Services do you offer?

Children, youth and families are central to the development and maintenance of their treatment throughout the course of their care. Edgewood emphasizes a flexible approach to service delivery as a way to reduce barriers that limit families’ involvement, participation, and learning. Our treatment is family-focused, collaborative, strengths-based, and trauma informed with the goal of helping children, youth and families develop the skills necessary to thrive in their relationships and natural environment including progress home visitation after treatment has been completedThe following array of services are available through Edgewood’s residential treatment program:

  • Clinical Services
  • Community Services
  • Medical Services
  • Permanency Services
  • Therapeutic Milieu Services

Through family engagement and treatment, the child/youth and family will work together to understand and improve on stressors and dynamics that create individual and family problems, come to acknowledge and appreciate their family strengths, learn to better manage grief and loss, build safety, and develop skills and strategies that help reduce high risk behaviors. The following array of services are available through Edgewood’s residential program:

  • Clinical Services: Individual, family and group therapy, targeted case management, crisis intervention, referrals for psychological testing, 24/7 on-call consultation system, and crisis stabilization services
  • Therapeutic Milieu Services: behavior coaching and skill building, therapeutic arts and recreation, rehabilitative groups, educational support, parent and family integration, supervised visitation, and wellness activities
  • Medical Services: psychiatric assessment, medication evaluation and assessment, nursing services, pediatrician, and nutritional counseling
  • Community Services: foodbank, transportation support, supervised visitation, vocational/educational services, intensive home based services, recreational groups, and community outings focused on skill building
  • Permanency Services: family finding, resource mapping, crisis intervention, family reconnection coaching, step down planning, parent support groups, safety and respite planning, and crisis stabilization


The target population for the residential program are youth, ages 12-17, with moderate to severe emotional disturbance marked by a pattern of challenging behaviors that cannot be safely managed in the children or youth’s community, at home, or at school.

Siblings, commercial sexual exploited children (CSEC), and youth with physical disabilities are reviewed on a case by case basis and take into account individual needs, milieu acuity, and any other relevant history to ensure that the program can adequately and successfully help the youth achieve permanency.