Our Young Professionals Network (YPN) is a group of passionate and diverse young professionals, between the ages of 21 to 35, who are interested in using their knowledge, skills, expertise and networks to raise awareness and mobilize support for Edgewood. The YPN assists Edgewood’s Advancement Team by acting as ambassadors for Edgewood through advocacy, fundraising, networking, promotion, and volunteering to further our impact in the Bay Area. YPN will have the opportunity to network with professionals in the behavioral health space and will be interested in making a difference in their community.


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We are accepting ongoing applications to join the YPN Board.

  1. Educate members on various behavioral and mental health issues
  2. Build awareness and advocate on behalf of the Edgewood’s clients and partners
  3. Measurable commitment to support Edgewood’s work in a variety of ways
  4. Serve on a distinguished committee (Cause, Communication, Membership)
  • GROW: Grow to be a more effective leader, advocate, volunteer, and philanthropist.
  • ALIGN: Align with an organization that has been an anchor in the Bay Area community.
  • CREATE: Create equitable, sustainable, positive change.
  • CONNECT: Connect with other like-minded changemakers and friends.
  • PARTICIPATE: Participate in monthly YPN meetings.
  • SHARE: Your knowledge, expertise and network with the Edgewood community.
  • CO-HOST: Co-host Edgewood’s Corporate Breakfast and Lunch & Learn events.
  • CONTRIBUTE: Help raise awareness and funds for Edgewood’s programs.

Cause (Education/Advocacy)

  • Researching and educating members and the Edgewood community on various topics relating to mental health

Communications (Digital Media, PR, Social)

  • Sharing collateral for upcoming Edgewood events and spreading awareness about Edgewood

Membership (Volunteer, Events, Fundraising, and Members)

  • Recruiting members to volunteer with Edgewood and participate in all Edgewood Annual Fundraising Events