Stories of Hope


Maran (name changed) was nine years old and an insulin-dependent diabetic when she was brought to Edgewood after San Francisco police received reports that she and her foster sister were dumpster-diving behind restaurants. She had lived in over 15 foster homes and her medical history included multiple hospitalizations, emergency room…...

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Mikey (name changed) is nine years old. He is an engaging boy; bright and articulate, he has good reading comprehension and a sly, somewhat dark sense of humor. His fourth-grade teacher says he is a really good writer although he says he hates to write. He lives with his grandmother…...

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Julia is the 67-year-old grandmother of Max, aged four. Over the past five years, Julia has watched helplessly as her daughter, Linda descended further and further into a world of drug addiction, failed relationships, domestic violence, and joblessness. Linda’s last boyfriend was recently arrested for assault. Instead of using his arrest…...

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Mark used to sit in our San Bruno Youth Drop-in Center waiting for his friend. He would refuse to speak with anyone. Mark refused to come in for food or join in any activities. He tried so hard to project a cool, aloof front. But behind this shy and withdrawn exterior,…...

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Janet Francisco

Janet Francisco was enjoying retirement. She lived a frugal life. She saved for retirement and planned to spend her time volunteering at church and spoiling her grandchildren. Then, life threw her a curve ball. Mrs. Francisco’s youngest daughter Kit had always had a wild side, but as far as she knew,…...

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